The bike trader was born as an idea back in 2013 when my local bike shop (LBS) had no facility to take my old road bike in part exchange for a new one. It was clear to me that they were just surviving as a business and that the internet sellers were destroying Local Bike Shops in their own community. I continued to look for help but there was no dedicated route to market for individual cyclists to advertise their old bike. The usual expensive auction type platforms were available but these are not dedicated to cyclists and their search facilities left a lot to be desired. It was time to fight back, it was time to create a national community online that gave either individual the confidence to trade new & used bikes. .

Local Bike Shops employ local people and these individuals are what makes the cycling world the family it is. No question will go unanswered in fact the more you challenge the more passion you will see. They will set up your bike for you (generally free of charge) and provide you with all the future servicing and accessories you will need. These people care about customers and everything related to cycling. Your LBS will engage with you, introduce you to cycling events and cycling clubs. Your confidence and knowledge will improve and friendships will be formed.

We are confident the Bike Trader will give you and your LBS the national platform it needs to advertise it’s New & Used bikes for sale across the UK. This internet presence will help all cyclists find their LBS and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Once confidence grows, the LBS will start to take your old bike in part exchange but if they don’t advertise it on here it’s quick, easy, hassle free and we encourage all users to register their frame number to avoid buying a stolen bike. It takes minutes to upload and it will reach thousands of buyers immediately.

Our sole aim is to bring cyclists together, create a community and to give you and your LBS the confidence and tools it needs to survive in this digital age. We have also supported many events in our short existence, including the Sheffield Grand Prix, Otley Cycle Races, Spadger Memorial Ride, Nige Moore Memorial Ride, Monsal Head Hill Climb and many more. We also sponsor HMT with JLT Condor Cycling Team, a junior team where the goal is to help young British riders turn professional. Find out more here..

So, click here to sell your old bike fast and then use our search facility to find your next bike or the location of your nearest LBS.