Fixies - Get Your Fix

There is no doubt that the fixed gear bicycles are one of the coolest modes of transport out there, used by bike couriers and style conscious commuters alike. But what makes a cool fixie? There are several factors that have to be considered when purchasing the ultimate fixed geared bike, or perhaps you are building up your own and want to get every aspect just right!


1. The Handlebars

The bars are of course one of the most important parts of a successful fixie build. Narrow bars are a must as not only do they allow you to replicate the sharp twist and turns made by London bike couriers, but they look damn cool! There are of course other advantages of choosing a narrower bar, such as keeping your bike as compact as possible which is great for commuting on a train etc.


2. The Wheels

Another aspect which is always worth an extra thought is the wheels, and in this case it's usually the more colourful and wacky the better. Something else which also seems to be all the rage is a different wheel on the front than on the back, this could be different colours, different depths or just a completely different type of wheel all together, the choice is all yours!


3. Individuality

One thing that always strikes me when I see somebody riding a fixie is that I have usually never seen another one like it. People love to make them their own, whether that be by adding some colour in the form of bar tape or a colourful sadle and chain or even just building up a frame that has been sitting in someones shed for over 20 years!

So as you can probably tell, there are plenty of things that make fixed geared bikes pretty cool, which is usually why they are pretty hard to come by! However we do have a fixed geared bike section on the site, so if you are planning on buying or selling your fixie head over to the page, right here.