Top 5 - Finding a Cycling Cafe

A good cycling cafe can mean the difference between an enjoyable Sunday ride and one that leaves the taste of cheap coffee in your mouth. Choosing your “Usual” cafe can be something of an art, an art that many cyclists have got down to a tee, including many of the GB Olympic Academy riders and their personal favourite, Cook and Baker (Wilmslow). For this Top 5, we thought we would share what you should be looking for in a great “Cycling Cafe”.

1.The Coffee



Now obviously every cafe is going to have coffee, but what coffee do they serve? Do they know their flat whites from their macchiatos and their espressos from their cappuccinos? These are all very important questions you have to ask yourself, or the cafe owner…

2. The View



This is the 30 minutes or so on your ride when you get to relax and really take in what’s around you so surely it better be something good right? Our personal favourite is the cafe on the Cat and Fiddle road in Cheshire, you can sit outside an gulp in amazing views of the Cheshire plains as well as a decent cup of coffee. Town centre cafes are also great and give the opportunity to take in the hustle and bustle as well as an odd bit of people watching.

3. Bike Storage



A pretty obvious one here, somewhere to safely keep your bike while you tuck into your second blueberry muffin is a must.

4. The Atmosphere



Cafes renowned for being cyclist friendly can often turn into a community hub for local cyclists. You don’t want to be the only cyclists to ever go in that cafe, so somewhere which is warm, has music and a TV for watching racing is perfect.

5. Opening Hours



You may find that some cafes either don’t open early or are closed on a Sunday, now obviously this isn’t ideal for those Sunday rides that require a short stop. One tactic that many cyclists adopt is to have a back up location, so if your favourite cafe happens to be closed, your caffeine fix doesn't go a miss.

Bonus Number 6: Support Local Cafes

They are like local bike shops, local cafes often provide a lot better customer service and on a whole a lot better atmosphere, so when you can go local instead of chain!