Top 5 - Winter Cycle Clothing Must Haves

As the winter weather rolls in, we are all scrambling for our bib tights and thermal base layers. Perhaps though, you feel like your winter wardrobe needs something of an upgrade, as those overshoes from 2008 just aren't cutting it anymore! If you are looking to reinvent your look on the bike, what do you buy? There is so much choice out there it is sometimes hard to know what to prioritise on and what is going to help keep you warm. We would love to help you make those tough decisions, which is why we have listed our top 5 winter clothing options below!

1. Gloves




Some top winter gloves are a must have for any rider serious about riding in all weather conditions during the harsh winter months. The difference between a good pair and bad is amazing and could mean being able to change gear and take a drink, compared to no function whatsoever from the ice blocks at the end of your arms. Some of our favourite gloves out there at the minute are the Giro Proof Freezing Weather gloves .




Overshoes are the winter gloves for your shoes, with the added benefit that they keep your expensive road shoes as shiny as when they came out of the box. It is important that your chosen overshoes are at the very least waterproof, but windproof and some insulation certainly won't do you any harm! Our favourite overshoes are the Pro Ventura's which will keep your feet warm and dry but aren't too heavy.


3. Base Layers



During the cold winter months, a good breathable thermal base layer is a must. Not only does it help keep you core body temperature warm but it also helps sweat escape from the surface of your skin, keeping you comfortable for the duration of your ride and will mean you won't get cold if you decide to stop. We would reccomend the Madison Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer.


4. Hats



Wearing a cycling specific hat or "Skullcap" under your helmet will help ensure that your head doesn't get cold or wet if it's raining. However you don't want your head or ears to overheat, as this can get real uncomfortable, real fast. A skullcap that we would recommend is the Endura Baa Baa Merino cap. This cap will also ensure that sweat if removed from the surface of your head.


5. Bib Tights



Last, but certainly not least is bib tights. These all in one tights are not only super warm and often waterproof and wind resistant but will also keep you extremely comfortable. If you are used to wearing shorts, with legs warmers underneath then you will know that after long rides these can start to get a little uncomfortable, which is why it makes sense to invest in bib tights for longer, colder rides. We couldn't reccomend these Altura Peloton Windproof bibs more highly!