Selling Tips

Setting the price of your bike

  • Pricing your bike accurately can mean you get a quick sale:
  • Compare your bike with similar models for sale privately on The Bike Trader.
  • Consider your bikes age, condition and features for a more accurate price.
  • Give yourself a starting price that allows potential buyers to make offers.

Writing a bike advert

  • All you have to do is:
  • Ensure your advert reads well and sell your bike's strong points, without exaggerating.
  • Write clearly, using concise information and avoid complicated terms.
  • Include accurate specification and desirable equipment.
  • Include how old the bike is and how often it is serviced.
  • Include any upgrade detail over standard e.g. Carbon wheel upgrade.

Taking great photos

  • A picture paints a thousand words. Good photos will get your bike noticed and enable you to have a successful sale as quickly as possible:
  • Clean your bike thoroughly.
  • Make sure your pictures focus on the important parts e.g Groupset etc.
  • Take pictures with a neutral background.
  • Take a side shot detailing the whole bike.
  • Photograph any damage / marks. Keep it honest.
  • Do not use stock images. Always photograph your own bike.

Preparing your bike for sale

  • A clean bike looks more appealing, so spend some time making it shine.
  • A good advert creates the right first impression and could increase value.
  • Cleaning the chain set and removing excess oil splats will help.
  • Check the tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Have any paperwork available so buyers can examine it easily.

Dealing with buyers

  • Buyers will always want to inspect your bike thoroughly before concluding the sale.
  • Buyers may want to 'try out' your bike. Please be conscious of who and where you are.
  • Never leave the buyer alone with the bike.
  • Offer the buyer any information or visibility of receipts regarding the original purchase.
  • Offer a full inspection at your local bike shop.
  • Dealing with canvassers.
  • Sellers may be contacted by unwanted canvassers.
  • Be conscious of this when discussing your bike for the first time.


  • Canvassers typically target sellers persuading you to advertise elsewhere.
  • Canvassers will offer alternative classified platforms and promise a 'quick sale'.

Closing the deal

  • Buyers will want 'to have a deal' and haggle your price down. Once agreed please make sure you are happy with the payment method before you release your bike.
  • Expect negotiation – buyers expect to get some money off.
  • Set your lowest price before the buyer arrives and avoid going lower.
  • Be sure you’re happy with payment method. Check all cash genuine.

Doing the paperwork

  • Writing a receipt and providing paperwork can seem like an anti-climax after the excitement of negotiating a price, but it’s no less important.
  • Complete two receipts one for you and one for the buyer.
  • Ensure both parties sign & date both copies and keep one for your records.
  • Provide any old receipts of purchase and service work.